Terrace awning

Terrace awning : terrace owning, terrace cover, St Tropez, Ramatuelle, Gassin, Grimaud


This sail is designed to resist the wind. For this, we use a special perforated fabric from Ferrari "SOLTIS 86".

Thanks to micro ventilation, the Soltis regulates the thermal effect of the sun; it absorbs and rejects 97% of the heat contained in solar radiation.

It is anti-glare treated, easy to maintain, and has an excellent longevity!

This fabric is 100% recyclable.

We can carry out all types of sewing work for the building.


We operate in all the municipalities of the Gulf of Saint Tropez: Gassin, Ramatuelle, Saint Tropez, Cogolin, Sainte Maxime, Grimaud, Plan de la Tour, La croix Valmer, Gigaro, ...



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